Aerial Classes in Hoop, Trapeze, Straps, Silks and Lyrapole

Aerial Classes

Inspire Aerial runs classes, workshops, clinics and private sessions in aerial activities. We have various sessions for aerial hoop, straps, silks, handstands, gymnastics & tumble, lyrapole, trapeze and many more. 

We run weekly classes, have one to one session availability and host various workshops with experienced instructors and professional performers. 

All of our aerial classes are for fitness, fun and focus and we are a family focused studio where we offer sessions for all ages and for families. 

Class availability, class descriptions, class ages and more information on each session is available on the booking system.

Children’s Aerial

We also offer aerial classes for children. Our aerial classes offer a great progression from our gymnastics and circus classes as we introduce the fundamentals of aerial training and the apparatus. Our children’s aerialist classes are a great way to get your child started into aerial skills or to develop their strength, flexibility and coordination.

Our mini and junior aerialist classes are for children aged between 7 and 12 years of age. Once they turn 13 years old, they can also join our regular adult classes with a parent waiver or choose to remain in their current class. 


Inspire Aerial runs regular workshops with internal and external instructors. We host workshops on aerial apparatus, choreography, gymnastics and performing. We have our own entertainments and fire performers who also run regular workshops and training. 

Workshops are great way to spend more time on aerial equipment or specialist areas in addition to your regular classes. These sessions are open to members and non-members but we do advise some aerial experience to get the best out of the workshops. 

Class Costs

We aim to keep our classes affordable and accessible to all and offer a variety of ways to attend classes. Our standard classes are 60 mins. All one-hour classes have a drop in price and you can book as and when convenient. Alterntatively, you can purchase class packs (bundles) and monthly memberships: 

Class Packs:

Our one-hour classes are discounted when buying a class pack (bundle of classes) that can be used within a set time frame. Classes can be purchased in packs of 5 or 10 classes at a time and can be used against any one hour long classes. 


Alternatively you can purchase monthly membership to keep costs consistent and offer the most affordable classes. Memberships offer a set number of classes a month that can be used against any of our one-hour classes across the programme so you have the freedom to choose any of the classes each week across the month whenever suits you. Memberships are the ultimate commitment to change and show your dedication to your passion and will help inspire others:

Inspire Monthly Membership – Feeling Inspired? Includes 4 classes a month

Inspiring Monthly Membership – You are Inspiring! Includes 8 classes a month

Inspirational Monthly Membership – You are truly Inspirational! This monthly membership offers you unlimited classes a month

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How to Book:

All of our booking systems and forms are completed online through the Gymcatch booking app. All of our classes are published in advanced and allows bookings, payments and class refunds through
the booking system. Each class has a full description, pre-requisites, ages, abilities, forms to
complete and what to expect.

Once you have booked your class, please complete the below form before attending.

Adult members (ages 16/17 completed by parent and over 18 years by themselves)

Child members (ages 15 years and under and completed by the parent/guardian)

Aerial Photoshoots

Inspire Aerial also offers aerial photoshoots with Emma from EM Buxton Photography. Emma’s aerial photoshoots are based outside, in nature and offer a unique option for those looking to capture their skills.

Images from my professional photography website,

What Our Coaching Offers

Person-Centred Holistic Coaching

Develops Technical & Mental Coordination

Builds Confidence & Social Skills

Experienced Professional Coaching

Builds Strong Core Foundations For Sport

Safe Training Environment

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