Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

At Inspire Aerial we want everyone to enjoy a safe, happy and supportive environment. By joining our classes and/or workshops you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Fees for all individual classes, workshops and private sessions must be paid for in advance and via the Gymcatch booking system.
  2. Discounted class packs and memberships are available for our regular/individual classes.
  3. All workshops are non-refundable.
  4. Classes offered in block bookings are paid for in advance. Dates are available in advance and are non-refundable once a space has been taken for the block.
  5. Waiting lists are offered for all classes and sessions on the booking system.
  6. All participants (or parents/guardians of) must complete the relevant participation form prior to attending any classes, private sessions or workshops – forms can be found on Gymcatch and on https://linktr.ee/inspireaerial.
  7. Cancellation policy – All cancellation policies are on the Gymcatch booking system
  8. Full refunds (or alternative sessions) will be offered on any classes/workshops/privates cancelled by Inspire Aerial.
  9. Inspire Aerial runs beginner, intermediate, advanced and mixed ability classes, workshops and children’s sessions. Please check class descriptions carefully on Gymcatch prior to booking and check with an instructor if you have questions about class levels and suitability. Skills and tasks will always be adapted and modified for individuals, but within the class level.
  10. All classes, workshops and private sessions are open to members and non-members. All are welcome and absolutely no experience necessary for our beginner classes.
  11. We kindly ask that you could speak to us directly if you have any questions or concerns so we can perhaps get some valuable feedback from our customers and see if there is any additional support we can offer you in your training. Contact details and email addresses are on the website.
  12. Please make sure you are in suitable attire for a training class. Leggings, sports bras, vests, leotards etc. You may wish to have layers and/or socks with you as different aerial activities/skills may cause rubbing against the skin. Arms and legs may need to be covered for some aerial activities to protect the skin. Long hair must be tied back and all jewellery removed.
  13. Aerial and gymnastics classes do require upper body and core strength. Classes do include training and conditioning of these elements and suitable exercises can be performed at home/gym to support your training and development. Participants may also experience some bruising and skin redness (from aerial equipment) following sessions, particularly with new skills.
  14. Participants should be aware and accept the risks of the activities they choose to take part in. Participants are responsible for their own actions and involvement and must follow the advice of the instructors and coaches.
  15.  Please bring a water bottle with you for the session and these can re-filled at the venue.
  16. Please inform the instructors at the start of each class of any injuries or additional requirements you may have.
  17. For children’s classes, please ensure your child is collected promptly at the end of each session.
  18. Inspire aerial sells merchandise such as hoodies, vests, t-shirts and leotards. Please ask an instructor if you are interested in making a purchase.
  19. All attendees will be treated equally and with respect by all of the Inspire Aerial instructors and coaches, we also expect our instructors to be treated with respect in return.
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